• We have highly qualified and accredited staff

    to help you meet your goals, dreams or expectations for travel and/or settlement in Canada.

  • Our expert immigration teams provide

    meticulous attention to detail to help you avoid disappointment when applying for your visa.

  • Our job is to make the whole visa application process

    as easy and as seamless as it can possibly be, so that you can get on with your life in
    Canada as soon as possible.

  • Through our free assessment offer,

    we gather all necessary information and ensure that you are fit to go ahead and
    successfully meet the requirements set forth by the Canadian government.

Welcome to Legacy Immigration

Who are we

Canadian immigration programs can tend to be quite overwhelming for any individual who seeks to apply for a visa through their own effort. Each of Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 territories have certain requirements that increase the complexity of the visa application process.

Legacy Immigration Consultants Ltd. is here to help you navigate Canadian immigration rules and processes and to help you gain legal access into Canada as seamlessly as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize our client’s chances of acquiring a Canadian visa whether for permanent or temporary reasons. We want to be your bridge from your home country to Canada. We achieve this by providing professionally accredited expertise, advice and high-quality service, to ensure that our clients from across the world get a chance to fulfill their ambitions and goals in Canada.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide all our clients with a convenient, trustworthy and professional immigration service that is personalized and customized to their individual and specific needs. Whether you have immediate or pressing goals or long-term dreams in Canada, we will work with you to develop a clear path and strategy to provide you the best opportunity for success.

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Our company

Legacy Immigration Consultants Ltd. has been providing expert immigration advice since 2007.

Unlike our competition, Legacy Immigration Consultants Ltd. is based in Canada.

We, therefore provide on-the-ground knowledge and experience on what your best options are for temporary or permanent residency or visits in Canada.

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What We Offer ?

We offer a detailed analysis of your credentials and match you with the perfect Canadian immigration program that will not only guarantee success in acquiring a visa but that will also ensure that you are most comfortable when you get to Canada.

Whether you seek permanent or temporary immigration services, we will pay close attention to what is required of you and help you to fill whichever gaps may prevent you from acquiring your Canadian Visa. We will, of course, make the best recommendations based on our expert’s suggestions for how you should improve your application.

Beyond providing visa application and consultation services, we will also help you get settled in Canada after you have acquired your visa and after you have traveled from your home country into Canada.

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Why Legacy Immigration ?

A Canadian visa application can be a life-changing process, whether it is for a permanent or a temporary visa.

Our Immigration Experts

In as much as moving to Canada can be an exciting chapter in your life, it can as well be a daunting experience as well.


- Kamalpreet - from India

Thanks for taking the time to advise me. Your feedback will go a long way in helping me make the right professional and personal decision that confronts me.

- Rajeev - from India

Many thanks for the telephone consultation, my wife and I now feel we have a positive objective again and are intent on succeeding in our quest to return to Canada.

- Amrik - from India

I really appreciate your kind attention to my case. It is quite refreshing to know there are people like you who take time to help out other people.